Magnetic Storm

This section shows a few examples of intense Solar Flare activity such as the X40 class Flare of 2003. I still have raw data from this event to process and new data will be posted in the future. This first graph shows the beginning of the event. Notice the up and down motion as the Earth's Magnetosphere is first impacted by this large flare.

Pre-flare Wave?

The activity you see beginning at 12:30 UTC may actually be the precursor of a pre-flare wave. This is speculation.

A basic Fluxgate Magnetometer can be found at the Fluxgate link below should you desire to record an observe the Earth's magnetic field in action. Please remember it is a small basic system and not as sensitive as the large induction coil. You will need a basic A to D converter and one may be found at the Dataq link for $25.00