Hello family and friends. I have compiled a few photos of relatives from the Langlais side of the family and thought I would post them on my website so everyone who wishes will have a chance to download them for their own use. These photos were used in a genealogy book compiled by niece Heather and I have a copy of the work she did which I will put to CD as time permits. If anyone has additional photos and can scan and email them to me I will post them here. On this page you will find a list of photos that are actually hyperlinks to the photo. Simply click the hyperlink and you will be taken to the photo where you can then right click it and save it to your hard drive or view it. When finished click the back arrow of your browser to return to this page and list. If you would like the entire set at the bottom of this page I have also provided a zip file that contains all the photos. Left mouse click the zip file link and you will download a zipped folder that contains all the photos. It is approximately 3.5 Megs in size. I have configured all the photos to correspond to a screen size of 640 pixels by 480 pixels in case you have a small monitor. After downloading each photo you can resize it for printing or viewing. If you have any problems let me know and I can resize whatever photo you like. There is also a PDF file at the bottom containing more information (Births and Deaths) for the family. The name Langlais and Langlois are for the most part the same family as some spelled it one way and others the other way. "At the very bottom of this page," is a link to a large PDF file called "Shadows Of The Past". It is a copy of the Langlais/Langlois history as prepared by Heather and my brother Randy Miller. The photos are not very clear but they are also contained on this page. My time is limited for computer work but eventually I will add to this page. You can reach me at side7@cox.net 

Brian Miller


Blanche, Orain, Juanita.jpg

Fern George Langlais's second wife.jpg

Frances Langlais and Friend.jpg

Frances, Juanita, Leo Langlais.jpg

George Langlais.jpg

George St. Louis.jpg

George W. and Alice Langlais.jpg

Juanita, Elaine.jpg

Juanita, Paul.jpg

Langlais Gang.jpg

Leo and Frances Langlais.jpg

Leo Langlais Wedding.jpg

Margaret Langlais.jpg

Marie Louise Langlais.jpg

Mildred Langlais.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peters (Ina Langlais).jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim St. Louis.jpg

Myrtle (Robinson), Ephraim Langlais, Rita Langlais, Oral (Robinson), Lilly (Robinson), Isador Langlais.jpg

Neva Armstrong.jpg

Odell Langlais.jpg

Older Father Phillip St. Louis.jpg

Young Father Phillip St. Louis.jpg

Orain and Blanche Langlais.jpg



Rano Langlais.jpg

Rosabelle and Ina Langlais.jpg

Sister and Lumina Langlais.jpg

Sisters to Leo Langlais.jpg

Stella Menting (Sister Josetta).jpg

Mildred Langlais, Jack De Hart, Ellen Menting.jpg

Yvonne, Elaine, Juanita, Joanne Langlais.jpg

Yvonne, Elaine, Juanita, Karen, Keith, Blanche, Orain, Gary.jpg

Yvonne, Gary, Blanche, Elaine, Juanita, Keith, Connie, Orain, Karen.jpg

Logging Camp

Yvonne, Grandaughter and Hubby.jpg



Shadows Of The Past.pdf