Very Low Frequency

This section is dedicated to the reception Atmospherics ( Sferics ) in the form of whislers, tweaks, etc. Other signals have been recorded such as Russian ( Alpha ) transmissions which are radio location beacons. Samples are shown below. Several receivers have been used and new designs are in the making but the mainstay receiver has been the McGreevy BBB-4. It is used with Spectrogram and a laptop computer for field observations far away from 60 Hz. interference.

Russian Alpha Transmission


To listen to the Russian Alpha Transmission it is necessary to slow down a recorded wave file. In the two wave file recordings below one is labeled normal and the other slow. In the slowed wave the high pitched sounds you hear are Russian Alpha. In both you will here a double snap, click or pulse sound. This could be a double lightning stroke. In the normal recording 355 Milliseconds after the initial two pulses you will here a return echo probably from the Southern Hemisphere. Please do a search on whistlers, tweaks etc. to obtain a further understanding of listening to Atmospherics and how they propagate around the planet.  Another good source is through Project Inspire ( NASA ), VLF it, the VLF Group and Altair. Links are provided.

To listen to examples of Chorus and Whistlers please click the wave file links. Though what you will hear was recorded by an orbiting satellite it is similar to what is heard from the surface of this marvelous planet.